Excel Programme for TDS Quarterly statement of deduction of Income Tax in respect of Salary

Model IT Quarterly Returns Excel Programme For the Financial Year-2012-2013 AY-2013-2014 (Up to Maximum 1000 Members)Down Load Updated on 13/06/2012 (Range  Password 123)
1.Bin detalis Sheet
a) Fill Bin Detals
First take Bindetails to the website https://onlineservices.tin.nsdl.com/TIN/JSP/etbaf/ViewBIN.jsp
Take Total IT Amount deducted for the Month as per Reconsolation Register and then Check the Amount in the above Site
b) Fill to Office Information 
2. Fill Main Sheet the Relavant Columns and Correct Information
Then Check Remarks in Bin Details Sheet, The remarks of the Column is true The information is true Other wise Please Check and Correct Main Information in relavent Month
From Q1 to Q4 the Following Steps are follows 
1.First take Deducter Details  Quarterwise
2.Second take Challan details Quarterwise (Select Quarter in the  Cell M3 and then take details) 
3. Third take Annexure-1 month wise (Select Month in the cell O3 and then Select Filter Point in the Cell O13 -> Non select Blanks -> Enter OK Button -> then take details ) 
4. Fourth take Annexure-II details for Q4 only ( Select Filter Point in the Cell W5 -> Non select Blanks -> Enter OK Button -> then take details )
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